Kansas Italian Greyhounds have Early Christmas!!

Our Italian Greyhound family have been presented with an early Christmas Present from Mr. Santa Clauss!  White powdery stuff has fallen ALL over their outdoor play yard!  Most of our Iggys are not too impressed with This STUFF!  Certainly My hubby,  is not impressed!  NONE of  them like snow!  My hubby went over early to shovel off a huge area where they could play without walking in snow!  You know Iggys, where there is ice and snow they will not come!!!!!  My hubby certainly agrees with this philosophy of staying indoors.  So he offered them a little encouragement to come outside and enjoy the fresh crisp air!  I don’t think any of our Italian Greyhounds were impressed with a clean area without snow.  They shook their heads and headed indoors to cuddle up on their warm heatpads on the floor!!  However,  MOST of them  braved the outdoor air to potty outside.  So I am pleased about that!!!  I much prefer potty outdoors!!


Our Iggy puppies from Peace are growing up on me!!!!  Getting playful, wagging their tails at me and begging to be petted and loved!  Such darling babys we have!  I am sure that someone will be putting their name on one for a nice “January New Year surprise”!!

Our puppies from Gracey are just the cuddliest little muffins!  I stepped out to see them a few minutes ago!  Sweetest little picture,  little Haven had curled up on top of mama:  Gracey’s back!  Just love seeing them cudded up and sleeping with mama!  I do believe, tiny Dalton is the biggest eater of dog food in that bunch!  He is always eating!!!  Every morning when we serve them breakfast on a platter, he is one of the 1st to stick his little mouth in!!!  He loves wet puppy food!  And all of this bunch have been eagerly stealing mama’s dry dog food from her box. These are Greedy little piggies!!!  I shall have NO trouble at all, weaning this bunch from mama!!!  They dearly love their puppy food!!!

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