Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Visit Vet!!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies from Gracey and Peace had their FIRST car ride this week!  My hubby, Roy, took them to their vet appointment for their check up!  All the Iggys passed with flying colors!  Roy also took one of our adult beagles~!   He had quite a bus load of babies to carry!  3 kennel crates to carry into the office.  I am very grateful for his help!  All the Iggys behaved really nicely and not a single one of them got carsick!  This is good news!  I recall a ride about 1 year ago when I was holding an Italian Greyhound puppy.  One the way home, the puppy completely unloaded the contents of his tummy on my lap.  One unforgetable ride that I hope NEVER to repeat!

Brite Lite has come into season!  We are excited to report that she has been spending some evenings with our Lion of Judah!  Guess what, I caught them in the act this morning! So new babies from Miss Brite Lite and Lion will be expected in about 9 weeks!  Nothing like celebrating a NEW Year with some new Iggy puppies!

10 comments to Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Visit Vet!!

  • paula

    Happy to hear no car sickness from the beginning! I will be taking
    my pup with me everywhere except to drive my school bus! 🙂

    • I bet your Italian Greyhound puppy will be making PLENTY of new friends everywhere!!! People cannot help falling in love with these babies! They will definitely bring a smile to people’s faces!

  • paula

    Oh my gosh 2 1/2 weeks till I pick my baby boy up from the airport!
    I would give anything to get a weekly photo!!! doesn’t have to be planned just random shots 🙂

  • paula

    Mario is so cute I wish I could have him too! 🙂

  • Yes, Little Mario is ONE cute Italian Greyhound puppy!!! I have often thought he looks just like a minature Herford Cow! We have that variety of cows on our farm. I am sure he will be going to a new home rather soon. Nobody will be able to resist that darling face!!

  • paula

    8 days! Do you have his plane ticket yet? 😉

  • paula

    Four more days!!!! When do the other puppys from this litter go?
    I bet those people are excited.

    • Most of the Italian Greyhound puppies are already with their families!! A lot of very happy people!! And happy puppies too!! Had a couple drive 7 hours from Illinois to pick up theirs this week. Simply could NOT wait till WED to have the little guy shipped! Nothing like seeing the delighted faces around here!!!

  • paula

    I love my baby IG (Dalton) we ended up naming him Areo for Areodynamic!
    I will send pictures soon!

  • Love the name AREO!! What a cute name for an Italian Greyhound from Kansas!! I am sure he is living up to his name! They love to jump, hop and leap and jump some more. It is truly amazing the stunts they try to pull! Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the special guy!