Where are the Beagle Puppies in Kansas???

We have been eagerly awaiting new Beagle puppies in our doggie family for quite a while now!  I get calls every other day for more beagle puppies.  It makes me feel kind of sad because I cannot produce enough to satisfy everyone.  But, I made a decision 3 years ago to always be a small doggie person.  Why?  Because I love my dogs and I truly enjoy them.   I never intend to become large and lose my joy in what I do.  Small is better, when it is done well, is my motto!


With that said,  Jolly Girl and Lemonade Boy  have been quite busy under the covers of darkness!   They should know by now that Mama always finds out later, when Jolly’s tummy starts growing.


So more beagle babies will be coming!  Hopefully in about 6 weeks.  If you want one from this litter, a deposit is a necessity~!   That will hold your place in the great line up for puppies!  Currently we have the top 2 picks already RESERVED!

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