Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Have Eyes Open Now!!

Our little Italian Greyhound babies from Hope are growing up on me!  This week they have opened their eyes!  Such little darlings!  They are now trying to stand up on thier little legs.  So very precious to watch.  I even saw one of them sniff at a piece of dog food that mama, Hope, had dropped!

Yes, we will eventually find out which Italian Greyhound  babies are chosen!  I have 4 people on the waiting list and we are waiting for #2 to make their choice.  As soon as the choice is made, we will put some NEW pictures of these babies on my Italian Greyhound Puppy page.  Please try to be patient with me.

Great News on Brite LIte!  She is due to deliver some precious IG babies on March 5th!  Her tummy is huge!  Every morning, I wake up and eagerly run down to check on her!  As big as she is getting, I wonder if she won’t be a little earlier than I expected!  Hopefully she will give us 4 new puppies and WHo KNOWS?  Could be more in than tummy of hers!!!

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