Beagle PUppies Coming to Kansas: Any Day!!

We are still waiting for our Jolly Girl to drop her Beagle puppies!  Jolly is getting HUGE!!!  I keep thinking she cannot go another day without Exploding that little belly of hers!  She wobbles as she walks!  Just for curiosity sake, I sat this sweet mama on the scales!   When she is in her prime with no prego weight, she is 17 lbs.     With this pregnancy, she is weighing around 24 lbs!  I check on her frequently and eagerly await her dropping puppies into her precious whelping box!  In fact, I checked her nipples and she is already producing milk~!   So hold on,   get ready,  and eventually Miss Jolly will let go of those precious beagle babies!!!  Who knows?  Maybe, I will have surprises waiting on me, when I get up tomorrow morning?

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