Kansas Italian Greyhounds Wagging Tails!!

Our little Italian Greyhounds from Hoppy Hope are really getting into cuddle time with me!~   THey now greet me with paws up and wagging tails!  They are hoping to be picked up and petted.  How can you resist such cute, darling faces?  Even Mama Hoppy gets in on the lovvins.  She jumps out of her bed and greets me with paws up, just waiting to be picked up!  This is why I love Italian Greyhounds!  Such affectionate little doggies!  I love my hugs from my Iggys~!!!


Our little bunch of Iggys from Brite Lite are beginning to explore thier world now!  Their eyes are open and they are slowly, wobbly creeping across the carpet in their bedroom.  Such little sweeties!  Won’t be long and they will begin to taste mama Brite Lites dog food!

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