BEAGLE Puppies Born in Kansas!!

Emmy finally released her HUGE watermellon belly of puppies!!!  It is a small wonder, she did not EXPLODE!!   She gave us 4 boys and 4 girls!!  She is one happy Beagle mama!!!  She is relaxing in her bed with ALL her new babies.  What a work out this mama had!!  She started rearranging her bedroom last night, much to my consternation.  She changed the scenery ALL around!  Watch out, these Beagle mamas are rather wild when they are expecting puppies!  She pulled up 1/3 of the carpet in her room and then proceeded to try to throw back the walls to enlarge it.  Guess she knew she was having a huge family!!  I thought she would never give up and get down to the business of having babies!  I got up in the middle of the night,  hoping she had released a few.  No such luck, so back to bed I went.  When I got up this morning, she had about 4.  It took her clear to noon to finish this WIDE load!!  But it was well worth the wait.  Such doll babies we have to show off!

I am going to share ALL the BOYS pics tonight!!  Look for the Girls on WED of this week!

Beagle:  Cain Boy!!

Beagle: Cain Boy!!


Beagle:  Herrod Boy!!

Beagle: Herrod Boy!!

Beagle:  Joash Boy!!

Beagle: Joash Boy!!


Beagle:  Judas Boy!!

Beagle: Judas Boy!!




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