Kansas Italian Greyhounds are still cold!!

Our bunch of Italian Greyhounds are seriously wondering WHERE Spring has went???  Just when they enjoyed a few warm days to play outside, now the tempertures have dropped again.  They are really confused about the weather thing!!!  Apparently, my little 5 year old son is confused too!  He went grocery store shopping and sang “Jingle Bells”  down the aisles today!!  We are ALL confused around here!  Please come back Spring!!!  We really miss those warmer tempertures!!

Marcus, is our LAST Italian Greyhound puppy in Hope’s litter to still be waiting for a “NEW home”.  This little boys is getting so darling cute and Oh, so friendly and sweet!!  I keep thinking, someone is really missing the best puppy in the WHOLE litter.  He literally lifts his front paws up and almost climbs into my arms!  I just love this little fellow!  He is just the sweetest thing!  Whines when he sees me coming down the hallway.  Must let me know that he is eagerly awaiting hugs and luvvins.  He was a little jealoss today because I gave ALL my attention to my NEW beagle babies born today!

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