Kansas Beagle Puppies Walking Now!!

Little bunch of Beagle puppies from Jolly are walking all over their bedroom area!  So proud of these 2 little ones!  My goodness, they are so spoiled!  They are used to having mama ALL to themselves and I can sure tell!  They are  quick to let you know exactly what they want!  They even cry for mama Jolly when they want special attention from her!  Never seen such spoiled little beagle babies!  They are indeed pampered!

Miss Emmy’s Beagle babies are growing quite fat and fluffy!  The picture of health!  Miss Emmy is adapting very well to her large family of babies!  She is very attentive to their needs!  Oh, but Miss Emmy LOVES to be petted!  Cannot pet her babies without doting on her too!  Nothing like rubbing those 2 big floppy ears of hers!  And wonder of wonder, I can already see their eyelids starting to crack open ever so much!  I am expecting those eyes to open in about 5 days, we shall see about that!

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