Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies are Friendly!!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies from Brite Lite are REALLY getting into belly rubs!  Macey is the 1st puppy to stick his face over the edge of the whelping box and beg for luvvins!  This little Iggy can never seem to get enough!  He joyfully comes to me now!  Little Brody and Dallas are sure to get their fair share of luvvins too!  Our precious girl, Vicky,  is a bit more cautious!  She always waits tell the boys recieve their luvvings 1st!  Then she is more open to the idea!~   I am going to have to educate that little Italian Greyhound puppy and tell her that GIRLS are supposed to be 1st!  Those boys are stealing her Girl priveledges!~

Nothing beats my Marcus Boy from Hoppy HOpe!  That little Italian Greyhound is like melted butter on your toast!  Whoever chooses that fellow is going to get sugar, through and through!  He is my TOP PICK from ALL my Iggy puppies!  Just love that little guy,  he nearly hops into my arms!  How can you resist an Iggy like that??

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