New Italian Greyhound PUppies in Kansas!!

Peace, our Italian Greyhound,  mama has been patiently waiting for puppies!  I have been wondering when we would have some babies around!  Tonight, I was pleasantly surprised to see 2 new babies in her bed.  And she delivered a 3rd while I was taking care of all the rest of our doggie family!  Apparently my Beagles are quite jealoss of hearing the noise of new babies.  Lemonade let me know his extreme displeasure by throwing a considerable amount of his dog food all over his inside bedroom.


Lucy, our other “Mama in Waiting” was very content and quietly napping when I checked on her!  She did not seem the least bit disturbed that Peace has beat her at the game of building a family!  All that Lucy cares about is treats!  This Italian Greyhound LIVES for the Nu Vet Vitamans that I give each of our dogs each evening.  SHe has NO idea that it is a vitamin.  She simpley  knows it has a wonderful taste and smell!  I get tickled watching her patiently wait her turn for treats!  Reminds me of my little boy at home,   who eagerly begs for his Flintstone Vitamans each day after breakfast!


Watch the BlOG tomorrow night for a final count of puppies that we get!!!  Who knows, maybe Lucy will pop tomorrow?

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