Kansas Beagle puppies take a ride to the VET!!

Our 2 Beagle puppies from Jolly Girl took their 1st car ride today!  Neither one of them were very happy about being inside a small crate to ride in my car!  I even provided an Italian Greyhound puppy to ride in their crate with them.  Nobody was happy, everyone cried all the way to the vet!  Such a fussy bunch today!  Everyone passed the vets tests with flying colors!  And our Iggy puppy is due to fly to Virginia tomorrow!

All the puppies had a wonderful surprise on the way home!  They attended a tea party at my friend Jessica’s house.  They were cuddled and petted by a 2 year old boy Ransom and a 4 year old girl:  Michaela.  The puppies were enraptured with all the attention!  And then they cuddled up for a nice long nap!  When we arrived home to their puppy house,  the other dogs happily welcomed them back home!  These are the adventures of our Beagles today!!

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