Pictures taken of Italian Greyhounds in Kansas!!

Lucy and Peace, our 2 Italian Greyhound mamas,  have finally delivered wonderful puppies!  We have 3 boys and 3 girls to choose from!  3 GORGEOUS Sables,  2 SEals and 1 BLUE or BLUE FAWN  (  unsure what color to label puppy).  Lucy took her shots very gracefully tonight!  She was very happy to receive her vitamin Treat!  Peace, on the other hand,  is one SMART dog!  As soon as she sees me go to the fridge for shots, she dances outside.  Nothing can trick this girl into taking shots!  So I spent some time talking to her and holding her a while.  Then I had prayer with her and asked the Lord to calm her nerves.  Yes, God cares even about doggies, in case you wondered.  She then was a very brave girl and took her needed shots!  I am so proud of this girl!!


Look at our Italian Greyhound Puppy page to see the new beauties!!

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