More Beagle Puppies Coming to Kansas!!

Our new RED Beagle  girl:  Eva Sheryl will be having puppies in June!  She is already starting to develop a little tummy!  So darling cute!  This will be her very FIRST litter.  Remember Lemonade is Eva Sheryl’s daddy!  So that will make Lemonade a 1st time Grandpa~   Dear Lemonade won’t exactly be a doting Grandpa.  He is too busy  chasing the girls, waggin his tail and getting his fair share of attention!

Our Beagle puppies from Emmy Girl are growing up on me!  Wagging their tails and putting their paws up to be petted.  So darling cute!  And they are now eating wet puppy food in the big family bowl!  They love their wet puppy food!  Today they spent 15 minutes away from mama in our weaning area.  I am so proud of them.  Not a single wimper, just happily enjoying their chow.  Mama has enjoyed getting the break from her babies.  She happily romped the entire doggie house aisle and checked out ALL the other new mamas and their babies.  Then she proceeded to sample several drinks from the other dogs.  I guess she wanted to make sure we weren’t serving Pepsi and Coca Cola to the other dogs.  We try our best to keep it fair here~!   ALL of our dogs get good farm fresh water!

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