Kansas Italian Greyhound PUppies Enjoy Attention!!

Our Italian Greyhound puppies from Little Peace are getting VERY friendly!  They eagerly greet me with wagging tails and paws outstretched to be petted!  Little Theodore is an absolute sweetie!~  He rolls over for bellyrubs now!  What a precious sight!  The others quickly come for their fair share of luvvings!

Lucy’s little Italian Greyhound puppies are little overwhelmed on the petting and luvvin thing!  Lucy is ONE demanding mama!  She eagerly jumps for attention and trys to keep me from giving any attention and luvvins to her 2 babies!  But, I am quicker than this ornery mama!  I just pick up her babies and stand up with them.  Then Lucy cannot get in my face and keep me from petting her 2 GORGEOUS babies!!  All babies MUST have their fair share of pettings and luvvins!  That is the rule around here!  It is part of the FUN in having puppies!

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