New Beagle PUPPIES in Kansas!!

Our little Eva Sheryl,  delivered a surprise for us!  We knew she was prego, but we expected her to have another couple of weeks to go!  This GIRL hid her pregnancy beautifully!  I Could barely detect  a slight plumpness on her tummy!  Imagine my surprise when I arrived early in the morning to find her cuddling 4 healthy Beagle puppies!  ALL BOYS!  They are quite a pretty sight!  3 Tricolors and ONE RED!  The RED one is my favorite Beagle puppy!  I love that deep coloring!  They are all growing and developing plump little tummies!  Eva Sheryl is one proud mama!  Pictures will be coming on MONDAY on this new little family.


Our Beagle puppies from Emmy are growing up on me!  Almost old enough to move to their brand new homes!  I think most all of them will be leaving me next week!  They are all enjoying some outdoors time in this very pretty weather.  Each morning I greet them, they start whining and begging to go outside to play!  This morning they enjoyed meeting my 4 Italian Greyhounds.  I have 4 that are about 6 monthes old that I am keeping back to begin breeding when they are the appropriate age!  My goodness did everyone have fun!!!

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