Kansas Beagle PUppies are SELLING Fast!!

Our Beagle puppies from Miss Emmy are now ALL sold!  Today, the last beagle puppy from that litter was sold to a very happy boy and his father!  They traveled from Atchison to meet my little puppies!  This little boy fell in love with my Herrod Boy!  I think it was love at first sight!  He did NOT want to look at any of the other puppies from my new litter!

Already our little Richmond from the new litter from Eva is claimed!  2 Darling twin boys are dreaming of the day when they  can actually meet their new puppy in person!  Richmond was the ONLY red beagle puppy in Eva’s litter.  Such a pretty one, I am not at all surprised that he sold so very fast!  So if you are hoping for a beagle puppy, it is best to hurry.  These little babies do not last very long!  I am NOT a large breeder and our supplies are very limited!

All the puppies from Miss Emmys litter took a special trip to the vet for their 1st checkup!  I am pleased to report that they were very friendly and greeted the vet with wagging tails!   Nothing like a happy bunch of beagle puppies to put a smile on your face!  My son, Zane, who is 5 years old,  very proudly carried 3 of them into the vets office in a plastic crate.  I am so blessed to have a little helper with my dogs and puppies!

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