Kansas Italian Greyhounds enjoying Warm Summer Days!

Our Italian Greyhounds are enjoying these warm summer days!  Finally we have warm pleasant breezes for them to lounge on the patio outside!  They are all busy soaking up the sunshine!

Our 2 families of Italian Greyhound puppies from Lucy and Peace are growing up on me!  Little Theodore has almost figured out how to climb out of the whelping area when he sees me coming!  He is always the 1st one to be picked up and petted!  Just cannot resist that friendly little face!   My goodness, how they are ALL getting into loves and pettings!  Doesn’t take them long to remember that humans are there to just shower on the lovvin thing!  Peace and Lucy are always there to get their fair share of luvvings!  The only time they dance outside is when they see me coming to clean or give out medicines!  Smart little critters, they know when to disappear!  They do NOT want any part of either cleaning or getting nasty meds placed in your mouth!

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