New Beagle Puppies are Coming to Kansas!!

Viola Girl and Lemonade have been caught sneaking around again!  They should know by now, that mama always finds out about  their midnight romantic interludes!  Viola’s tummy is looking plump and pretty!  I am guessing she is 3 weeks out from the birth of her puppies!  Should be some beauties!  Usually throws some Reds and some Tri-color Beagle babies!

Exciting news on our doggie ranch!  Today we purchased  a New Petite Lemon Beagle girl.  Her name is Abbey and she will be living in our doggie building soon.  She has quite a bit of growing to do.  Just 4 monthes old!  But, on her way to becoming a LOVELY lady!  She is just the prettiest thing!  Looks similar to our Lemonade, but with more freckles.  My this girl is a love-bug.  Sit on my son, Zane’s lap all the way home.  I was very impressed.  Generally Beagles are quite lively in the car.  You can tell she has done some riding in a car before.  Looking forward to the time she becomes an adult of age.  I am thinking she will give us, some very pretty small beagles!  Welcome to your new home,  Abbey Girl!!

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