Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies finally weaned!!

Our little bunch of puppies from Peace and Lucy Girl have finally graduated to 1st Grade!  These little Italian Greyhounds are eating well on their own for 24 hours per day!  Peace’s little bunch loves to dive into your arms for luvvin time!  Lucy’s puppies are more patient and wait their turn for luvvins!  Tomorrow is the Big day we go to the vet for their 1st puppy check.  Thankfully, I will have 2 boys to travel with me, to entertain them on the way.  My little 5 year old loves to sing to his puppies.  Dalton his cousin likely will hold one on his lap.

More Italian Greyhound news:  Hope and Lion of Judah are planning on having a family of puppies!  They seem to be having very frequent dating habits of late!  Hope is not quite in the mood.  You know how females are, the atmosphere has to perfect!  Lion is your typical male, Ready for loving any time of day!  Hope has had several talks with him about being patient.  However, I am sure we can expect some puppies from them in about 10 weeks.  Get ready for some beauties!  Generally they produce some Blues, Seals and some Reds.    Get your deposit in early, make sure nobody beats you on this litter.  I am expecting 4-6.  We shall see!

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