Kansas Beagle Introduced to Cattle!!

Our newest member of our Beagle family,  Miss Abby,  was introduced to our cows yesterday!  Miss Abby likes to walk on a leash,  next to our cattle yard.  This little beagle had never seen cows so close before!  You should have seen her jump back when she saw those huge creatures!  I almost laughed when I saw her reaction.  I bet she thought we fed those creatures TOO much, to grow so BIG!!  Miss Abby is enjoying her new home in the country!  She loves to watch our  farm dog, Gus roam through the cattle yard.  And our other doggies provide her with plenty of excitement!   This little Beagle was used to spending all day inside a house in her former life!  Now she is enjoying the sights and sounds of farm life!  Currently, she has a little Italian Greyhound buddy that keeps her company!  Never a dull moment for these two doggies!


Great News in our Beagle family!  We are expecting TWO new litters of beagle puppies at the end of this month!  Both mamas, Miss Viola and Miss Candy Kisses are showing little round bellies!  I am so excited!  So get your deposit in early to ensure you get one of these beagle babies!

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