Kansas Italian Greyhound Flies on Airplane!!

Our little Blue Italian Greyhound Puppy from Lucy Girl took an airplane ride today!  I am proud to say that she was a very brave, little girl!  Little Miss Diamond rode a puppy shuttle ALL the way to Kansas City Airport.  Then she was placed on a plane to go to her brand new home in New York City!  This  little Iggy is going to be a city slicker!  I am sure that her new owner will be taking her on walks to see ALL the new sights!

At our place in the country, our Italian Greyhounds are used to Quiet.  Mooing Cows and our Roaming Farm Dog are the only sounds they hear!  Occasionally they get to hear a lawn mower humming or a tractor starting up!   But, our PUPPIES get to go on exciting adventures ALL over the United States!  It is truly amazing, these little Iggys seem to fit in everywhere!  As long as they can be a part of their human’s lives,  they are very happy dogs!  They take the rules of companionship very personally!  They learn to be your very best friend!

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