Kansas Beagle Puppies Discover Sandles!!

Our little Beagle puppies from Eva Sheryl have discovered my sandles that I wear every day!  Tonight little Justin and Joshua decided to pick them up and carry them across the floor!  Of course, Both of them wanted to claim the prize for himself!  Oh, what fun they had with their new toy!!  Playtimes are the highlight of every day!  The Italian Greyhound puppies AND my beagle puppies enjoy chasing each other across the kennel aisle!  And of course, they like to look for “BIG”  dog food to nibble on!  They think they are really special when they snag a piece of adult food from my adult doggies!   My adult doggies  just shake their heads and wonder what is so “Special”  about eating “Adult” food.

Our Beagle puppies from Eva Sheryl are extra special!  We have ONE puppy that is going to be raised as a “Therapy dog”  for a very special little boy in Kansas!  Another puppy is going  to a  special monastery in New Mexico to live with the monks!   I am sure he will be doted on by all the clergy there!  Who knows?  Maybe he will even learn to pray?  I KNOW that the Lord has a very special job for him there!!

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