Kansas Beagle Puppy READY to Go!!

Our little Beagle puppy, Justin, is eagerly awaiting to be chosen to be part of a family!  Justin is the calmest puppy in the entire litter.  Very easy going and will make somebody a wonderful pet!  10 weeks old and the perfect age to train!  Somebody is missing a splendid opportunity!!  Right now he is enjoying playing with Joshua who is waiting to be shipped out to New Mexico next week!  In fact, I think he is rather jealoss of Joshua who is going to live with 35 Brothers in the Monastery!  Can you imagine the attention and love he is going to receive from so many people?  I am sure that he will feel like a prince!!!


Our new babies from Candy Kisses are looking really healthy!  Gaining weight and beginning to CRAWL around their bedroom.  NO walking yet, just crawling!  But it is plenty cute to watch.  I would imagine these little Beagle babies will have their eyes open in about 3 days!

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