Kansas Beagle Puppies begin the Weaning Process!

Our little Beagle babies from Candy Kisses have officially started the weaning process!  Today they spent the entire day away from mama.  And they did really well!  They ate puppy food with a hearty appetite.  And they have learned to drink water, instead of milk shakes from mama!  I am so proud of these little babies!  Mama, Candy, was overjoyed to see them this evening.  She stood very patiently while they drained her of her milk.  Candy spent the day romping and playing with her Beagle family.  Won’t be long and these little babies will be ready to live in their new homes with their human family!  My goodness, they grow so very fast!  Seems like yesterday and they were just a few ounces in my hands.  Today, they are running, climbing in and out of their bedroom with mama, and even wrestling with each other!


As of right now, tonight, we have ONLY 5 Boys left for sale.  If you intend to get one, NOW is the time to place deposit.  Do NOT wait too long!  Fall is the time when the demand for puppies tend to increase.  Soon we will have more requests than puppies!

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