Kansas Beagle Puppies making Friends!!

Our little batch of Beagle puppies from Candy Kisses are getting cuter every day!  My mom came this past weekend and HAD to spend some time with these cuties!  She was amazed at how affectionate these little babies are!  Oh, you should have seen their excitement when they had someone new to pass out the Luvvins.   They just beg to be petted and hugged!  How can you resist a beagle puppy!  I have to have my daily doses of hugs from these Beagle babies!!   Yes, we have 5 Boys available!  As of right now tonight!  Get yours now, before they are all claimed.  My house is definitely worth the time spent getting here to meet these sweet faces in person.  Someone is missing some very happy little boys who will make WONDERFUL companions!

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