ONE Italian Greyhound Puppy Born in Kansas

Brite LIte gave birth to ONE little Italian Greyhound puppy!  Her puppy is Blue Fawn and eating very well!  I will be taking pictures of the new edition on tomorrow.  So look for them on my blog!  Although I already have 2 people on the waiting list for this particular puppy!  I must admit, I am disappointed about the small size of this litter.  But I still have PEACE who is looking HUGE and I completely expect her to have 6 or more puppies for me!  She is due on the 27 th of this month, IF she makes it that far.  I keep looking at her and wondering when her belly is going to explode!  So we WILL have more babies!  So keep following the blog and watch for the news on the coming Italian Greyhound puppies!

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