More Beagle Puppies Coming to Kansas!!

Our little Emmy is getting HUGE with Beagle puppies!  I strongly suspect she is carrying 6 of the wonderful,  floppy eared babies!  Her tummy looks like she is growing a watermellon!  Lemonade is trying to play innocent on this one,  but we all know he is the guilty party!  He has been sneaking out with Emmy for quite some time behind mama’s back.  But TIME always tells the truth, if you wait long enough!  We can’t be too hard on the little guy, he just had a serious case of hormones bothering him.  And he doesn’t like to miss out on ANY lovvin going on.  And Miss Emmy was a willing pardner, I am very sure!  So get ready for some new babies really soon!


WE have 2 LONELY Beagle puppies still waiting on new homes!  Little Micah and Paxton Boy are getting cuter, every day!  They are wondering when their families are coming to claim them?  So HURRY and give your family a wonder November Suprise!!  Just in time to train these boys and won’t they be lovely guests at your Thanksgiving Dinner.  THey are both hoping for a bite or 2 or your turkey!!

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