Happy Day! New Beagle Puppies in Kansas Today!!

Great News for our Beagle fans out there!  Emmy has delivered her little family of puppies today!  And from the last time I checked, I do believe she is finished.  Her sides are real skinny now.  She has 2 Gorgeous REDS, 2 LEMONS and 1 TRICOLOR.  All are very pretty and nursing nicely.  I think they should do really well with Emmy Girl!  I do have to say,  if you want ONE of these babies,  They are going really quickly!!!  Already have had one INQUIRY about the Lemon colors already today.


AS of right now,  The 2 girls are SPOKEN for already!  We have 3 males left as of this minute:  1 tri,  1 red and 1 lemon.   DO NOT wait too long on these!!


For those who need a price break:  I am offering my 2 TRI- COLOR Beagle males born in AUG  for  $350.  READY to GO now!!  They are very pretty and very  playful.        Should make wonderful pets for your children.  And Mature enough that housebreaking should be a breeze by now.  Remember Older puppies mean Easier training for you!!  Younger puppies often take more time in training because they need time to mature.

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