Kansas Beagles enjoy QUIET New Year’s Eve!!

Our family of Beagles are enjoying peace and quiet!  No late night partying for these guys!  I went to check on them about 10:30 last night and they were ALL bedded down for the evening.  No loud fireworks or rowdy game playing for them.

Our beagle puppies from Emmy are growing up on me!  They are discovering playtime with each other.  And also starting to place both paws on the top of the whelping box to beg for attention when I come strolling by!  They love to be petted!!!  I also introduced them to playtime in the kennel aisle.  They got to take turns rubbing noses and visiting with ALL the other adult dogs!  I am pleased to report,  they enjoyed a happy reception!  All the adults enjoy meeting the new faces around here!

Mr. Buster is a very busy Beagle man around here!  Currently, he has been entertaining Tina and Candy Kisses on several dating sessions.  Rumor has it that he may have fathered 2 litters of puppies with these girls!  So get ready for some new puppies in about 8 weeks!  We NEED some more puppies:  I have had several people begging for them.  Can’t seem to keep up with the demand around here!!

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