Kansas Italian Greyhounds Tired of Snow!!

Our little Italian Greyhounds are getting very tired of ALL the snow!  Just when we get a few days of warmth, to melt some inches.  Then we get more snow flurries to replace our white world!!  Our Iggys are inside their home all huddled up on their heating mats cranked to 95 degrees.  Our Iggy LOVE heat!  And their house is still heated to 72 degrees.  We believe in HEAT  around here!  Sometimes I wonder if I should go curl up with  them at night!  Might thaw out my cold feet!!

Our new Italian Greyhound Buzz Lightyear is going to be a father very soon!  He is a gorgeous white with a tiny bit of Blue markings on his head!  He has been dating a lovely girl named Haven.  Haven is BLUE all over!!  Should be some pretty puppies in about 9 or 10 weeks around here!!

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