Beagle Puppies coming to Kansas!!

Get ready for some Beagle puppies to be born really soon!  Our Beagles have been busy Kissing and romping in their bedrooms.  Guess they took Valentine’s Day coming up, quite literally!  They have really been enjoying the romancing!  They try to hide it from me,  but this human mama has WAYS of finding out!  2 little tummies are blooming really big!  Wobbing around and looking pretty.  Our Viola has been sneaking around with Lemonade again.  And our new girl :   Tina Bina has been socializing quite regularly with our new boy:  Buster.

So due dates are set at February  27 and 28th.  If you WANT a beagle puppy!  NOW, is the time to get your deposit in!  Don’t wait too long.  We get requests for puppies nearly every day.  I can always tell who is really serious about getting one.

Call me for an appointment and you can see these 2 blooming beauties in person!  785-336-2188

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