Italian Greyhounds will be Cuddling in Freezing Kansas

Our Italian Greyhounds will be cudding in their warm heated beds tonight!  Our part of Kansas is expecting about 10 inches of snow.  I suspect some of our gang will insist on pottying inside, instead of outside in the cold!  Smart little critters they are!  I would imagine they will refuse to go outside all day tomorrow.  No Snow boarding for little babies!  Just warm cozy tempertures in our heated doggie building!

Expecting a new litter on March 13th.  From 2 our new Iggies!  Buzz Lightyear will be the daddy.  He is white with a very small amount of Blue markings.  Haven will be the mama.  She is Blue with a small amount of white markings.  Already we have 3 babies spoken for.  I suspect these Italian Greyhounds  will produce around 5 babies, but one never knows what the dear Lord in Heaven will bless us with!

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