Italian Greyhound Puppies in Kansas: Here!!

Little Miss Haven has given birth to Italian Greyhound puppies!  We have 3 babies:  2 Girls and 1 Boy.  One of the girls is Blue and the other two are Blue Fawn.  Pretty little babies!  Mama is learning how to be a new mama.   This is Haven’s 1st litter and she is adapting to her new family.  For almost all the birth I sat by her side and coached and carefully watched each baby enter the world.  My son, Zane, was very excited to see new puppies be born.  He carefully watched as I pulled a few out and helped the mama clean them up!  All of the Italian Greyhound Puppies are spoken for.  If you are on the waiting list you will be contacted in the next couple of days.


If you have missed out on the puppies, we have 2 more litters of Italian Greyhound puppies due at the end of April.

Haven's 3 babies:  Italian Greyhounds

Haven’s 3 babies: Italian Greyhounds

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