Kansas Italian Greyhound PUppies Growing

Our little bunch of Italian Greyhounds from Haven are growing up on me.  Walking around and beginning to discover each other.  I saw Mama Haven trying to play with one of the babies.  It is so much fun to see them walking around slowly and taking a tumble and rolling around the area a bit.   I do believe Bella, the little Blue girl is going to be the shyest one of the bunch.  My goodness, she is attatched to mama.  She crys when I first pick her up, because she wants to go be with mama:  Haven.   The other Fawn Blue girl:  Dawn is the most outgoing of the bunch. Nothing much seems to bother her.  She is very trusting.

Peace is really showing her pregnancy!  Won’t be long and we will see how many Italian Greyhound babies she has hiding in that big pregnant belly of hers!  Hoping to see a large litter from the size of her growing belly.

Shiloh is pudging out a wee bit.  Can’t hide her pregnancy from this human mama any more.  I know what Iggys like to do when they spend time with their boyfriends!!!  Very little courtship is involved, just straight to the bedroom to romp they go!   Never knew dates could be so speedy.

Gracey is chunking up some too!  We shall see on this sly, tricky little mama.

Can hardly wait to see the new babies!!



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