Kansas Italian Greyhounds Enjoying Sunshine!

Our little Italian Greyhounds are SOOOOO  happy to see the sunshine today!  Springtime has finally arrived with warm tempertures.  Today they enjoyed watching my husband work on his sprayer to get ready to spray the crops.   It is truly a pleasure to see them outside enjoying the sunshine.  We have waited so long in Kansas for warm tempertures.

We have 3 waiting mamas:  Gracey, Shiloh and Peace.   Of the 3, Peace looks as if her little tummy could explode any minute with Italian Greyhound puppies.  We are eagerly awaiting the day when we can see more Iggy faces around here.

Haven’s little bunch of Iggys are beginning to nibble on mama’s dog food.  They are smelling the wonderful aroma and finding it is worth tasting.  Mama Haven is very easygoing about sharing with her babies.

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