Kansas Italian Greyhound Switches Families!!

Our little bunch of Italian Greyhounds from Haven and Buzz Lightyear are growing up on me!  Little Miss Saphira is really getting into jumping.  She has been regularly scaling the 12 inch walls of her little bedroom and making the rounds in our big kennel building.   This is one FRIENDLY little Iggy!  Today she roamed the kennel and got in with our Beagle mama.  She jumped in the Beagle baby box and warmed right up to our beagle mama.  When I came to check on everybody she was smiling with the 2 week old beagle puppies!  This little Iggy gets around!!!  I have never had an Italian Greyhound  puppy trade families before and join a new bunch of puppies.  Miss Abby, our Beagle mama,  seemed very pleased with her new  puppy addition.  One crazy day in my doggie world!!!

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