Look at our New Italian Greyhound Babies in Kansas!!

Introducing our 2 new babies from Miss Peace.  This is Cinnemon:  Our Girl that looks to be Sable or Red Fawn.  The Boy is called Prince William and he is definitely Seal colored.  Our Mama Italian Greyhound and our babies are both doing really well.  Getting fat and plump little bellies.  Our Peace is tenderly doting on her babies.

Shiloh our other Mama to be is getting Bigger and Bigger.  I keep thinking this will be the day.  But, so far, no go.  I wonder if she will show me some surprises come morning.  I can hardly wait to see her new Italian Greyhound babies.

Cinnemon Girl:  Italian Greyhound

Cinnemon Girl: Italian Greyhound

Prince William:  Italian Greyhound

Prince William Boy:   Italian Greyhound


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