Beagles Enjoy Warm Tempertures in Kansas

The temperature hit 94 degrees at our farm today!  The Beagles are enjoying lazy days in the sunshine.  Finally warm tempertures have arrived!  Our puppies from Miss Abby are getting cuter every day!  They are starting to smell mamas dog food.  Won’t be long and they will be nibbling and snitching from mama’s food bowl.  You know Beagles,  it doesn’t take them long to sniff out a good food treat!

My little Boy, Zane,  got to spend part of his chore money on groceries for the food pantry in town.  He was so proud to pay the cashier at the register.  Even prouder to deliver his special sack of food to help those in need.   I am thankful to have such a generous kid.  It does my heart good.

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