Kansas Italian Greyhound gets a Microchip!!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppy, Mario, is going home tomorrow!  So he is giving me a last minute kiss and cuddle.  Such a sweet brave little boy!  My husband walked in and gave him his micro-chip with the big needle.   He did NOT let out one yelp or whine.  This is a good calm puppy!  Usually they all cry when they are given the chip.  Next our little boy, Zane, had to give him a goodbye cuddle.  Of course, he is sad that our puppy is leaving.  But, I did remind him of a new puppy that we are getting to keep.   Our son, Zane, is such a blessed little boy to be able to continually experience new puppies!    Dog Lovers run in our family, I am proud to say!!!    My husband Roy grew up with the experience of raising puppies, because his parents owned a puppy business.   Nothing like waking up each morning and getting to cuddle with Italian Greyhound puppies!

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