Beagle Babies have ARRIVED in Kansas!!

Surprise, Surprise!!!  New Beagle faces were greeting me this morning!  Miss Tina Bina has been busy popping her babies out this morning.  Soooooooooo…far, we have 4 Tricolors.  But, more are coming.  Miss Tina Bina is plenty plump.  Now is the time if you want to purchase a puppy.  These babies will go fast.  A simple of deposit of $200 will hold one with your name on it.   Beagle puppies are in short supply and we seem to get requests quite frequently.  Do NOT wait too late. This time of year, puppy sales are hot, because of Christmas coming.  Babies will be OLD enough to go home by Dec 31st.  I cannot think of anything better than getting a Beagle puppy for Christmas!  Just make sure the receiptient is TRULY puppy ready before the purchase!!

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