Kansas Beagle puppies Opening Eyes!!

Our little bundle of Beagle puppies from Tina Bina are looking fat and fluffy!  Tina is such a good mama to her 8 babies!  Several of them are beginning to open their eyes!  Dallas is the 1st pup to get both of them open.  So a big new world awaits there little creatures.  Now they will get to see the Big Human Mama who pets and cuddles them each day.  Won’t be long and they will start walking.   Right now, they are still crawling around their bedroom area.  Keep watching the website.  New pictures will be coming later this week.  Put your order in NOW,  If you expect to have one of these babies.  They will not last long!  Christmas is the season that everyone wants to cuddle with a puppy.  But, remember only a limited amount of Beagle puppies can be had.  Don’t wait too late to place your deposit!  Would hate to see a sad child disappointed in Santa Clauss!

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