Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Due to Arrive!!

Shiloh OUr Italian Greyhound is nearing EXPLOSION time!!

Shiloh OUr Italian Greyhound is nearing EXPLOSION time!!


Can you believe our Italian Greyhound Shiloh??  I have never seen any of my Italian Greyhounds so HUGE with puppies!!!  She is officially due on Thursday the 21sr of May.  HOWEVER, I wake each morning wondering is somehow I have miscalculated the date and should come sooner.   I am seriously wondering HOW many puppies she is carrying??  Got to be at least 8.  I have never had a litter that size before.   We did switch dog food to Iams.  Is that what did it?  Now is the time to place a deposit on this litter.  Already got 4 deposits waiting for babies.  I would accept 2 more, before we see the final count.

New Beagle Puppies HERE!!

Two new Beagle puppies from Charity!

Two new Beagle puppies from Charity!


Charity surprised us with 2 new Babies this morning!  We are so happy to have these 2 new faces around here!  Mama Charity and both babies are doing well!  Small litter this time!  ONE Lemon boy and ONE Red boy!  Hurry, I am afraid one of these is already claimed!  Do not wait another minute if you want one of these babies!  Should be the smaller type beagles.  Some folks refer to them as Pocket Beagles!

Kansas Beagle puppies Opening Eyes!!

Our little bundle of Beagle puppies from Tina Bina are looking fat and fluffy!  Tina is such a good mama to her 8 babies!  Several of them are beginning to open their eyes!  Dallas is the 1st pup to get both of them open.  So a big new world awaits there little creatures.  Now they will get to see the Big Human Mama who pets and cuddles them each day.  Won’t be long and they will start walking.   Right now, they are still crawling around their bedroom area.  Keep watching the website.  New pictures will be coming later this week.  Put your order in NOW,  If you expect to have one of these babies.  They will not last long!  Christmas is the season that everyone wants to cuddle with a puppy.  But, remember only a limited amount of Beagle puppies can be had.  Don’t wait too late to place your deposit!  Would hate to see a sad child disappointed in Santa Clauss!

Miss Tina and Her New Beagle Babies in Kansas!

This is Miss Tina and ALL her Beagle Babies!  My goodness, she is a very busy mama!  Tina is a very good mama and doesn’t seem to let anything distract her from mothering her babies.  All the other dogs in our doggie home go outside to check out all the latest sounds and sights.  But, Miss Tina is very content to stay with her babies.  Place deposit NOW if you want to claim one of these sweet babies.  Beagles do NOT last long around here.  They should be the very Christmas Presents, just in time for the December rush.  They will be weaned and ready to go home with you by Dec 31st.

Miss Tina and her new Beagle babies!!

Miss Tina and her new Beagle babies!!

Italian Greyhound Puppies Due in 1 Week in Kansas!!

2 Pregnant Italian Greyhounds are hoping due day is soon!!  Our little Haven and Shiloh are READY for these babies to pop out! They are tired of carting them around everywhere!  Both Girls have their warm carpeted beds waiting on their babies!  Already we have 5 babies reserved from these coming litters.  Do NOT wait too late to place your deposit for these coming babies! They should be pretty,  we are expecting some REDs, Blues and maybe Whites with various markings.  Here is a picture of our 2 mamas!  The proud father is our new Buzz Lightyear!  Buzz is one busy ladie’s man.  Always waiting on the next sexy lady.  He never wants to miss out on the action!!  In fact, he does get jealoss if he hears of any other doggie having a night on the town without him!!

Italian Greyhound:  Haven, Mama in Waiting!!

Italian Greyhound: Haven, Mama in Waiting!!

Italian Greyhound:  Shiloh, Mama in Waiting!!

Italian Greyhound: Shiloh, Mama in Waiting!!

Beagle Babies have ARRIVED in Kansas!!

Surprise, Surprise!!!  New Beagle faces were greeting me this morning!  Miss Tina Bina has been busy popping her babies out this morning.  Soooooooooo…far, we have 4 Tricolors.  But, more are coming.  Miss Tina Bina is plenty plump.  Now is the time if you want to purchase a puppy.  These babies will go fast.  A simple of deposit of $200 will hold one with your name on it.   Beagle puppies are in short supply and we seem to get requests quite frequently.  Do NOT wait too late. This time of year, puppy sales are hot, because of Christmas coming.  Babies will be OLD enough to go home by Dec 31st.  I cannot think of anything better than getting a Beagle puppy for Christmas!  Just make sure the receiptient is TRULY puppy ready before the purchase!!

Kansas Beagles will be born in November!!

Beagle puppies are coming soon to Kansas.  Our Tina Bina and Buster have become the best of friends.  And they have been sneaking out and doing some bedsharing.  Guess what?  The evidence is here.  Tina Bina has a big tummy of surprises waiting on us.  Can hardly wait to greet new Beagle faces around here.  Get your deposit now on this precious litter of puppies.  We are expecting some TRIs and possibly some REDS.

Tina Bina Beagle Mama!

Tina Bina Beagle Mama!

Italian Greyhound Puppies Coming to Kansas!

Buzz Lightyear our daddy Italian Greyhound

Buzz Lightyear our daddy Italian Greyhound

Shiloh, Italian Greyhound Mama to be!!


More Italian Greyhounds coming!  Puppies due the 1st of November!  Our Italian Greyhounds have been busy making love and now we have the evidence.  No more fooling mama.

More Italian Greyhounds Coming to Kansas!!

Things have been getting rowdy in our world of Italian Greyhounds!  Little Miss Mighty Mite has been sneaking out with Buzz Lightyear!  And guess what?  Mighty Mite is Pregnant!  We know what this Italian Greyhound has been doing!!!  So in 9 weeks we are going to expect some babies!  Already have 2 girls reserved from this litter.  Get your deposit in NOW, if you want a puppy from this litter.  They should be pretty!  Daddy is White with Blue markings and Mama is Seal colored!  I am hoping for some BLUES!!!


This is a picture of Texas Red Tabasco Sauce who joined our family about 1 week ago.  He is 7 monthes old and has some growing to do!

RED Tabasco learning about farming and tractors from my son, Zane!!

RED Tabasco learning about farming and tractors from my son, Zane!!

Beagle Puppy from Texas joins our Family!!

This is Texas Cowboy who joined our family yesterday!  We drove all the way to Briggs Texas to pick this sweet baby up.  He is just a doll!  12 weeks  old and only weighs 4 lbs.  We are hoping to breed him with our smallest Beagles.  My little Boy Zane is enjoying getting to know this sweet fellow.  The favorite part of my day is holding and cuddling with this sweet boy!

My son, Zane, holding his new Beagle puppy:    Cowboy!

My son, Zane, holding his new Beagle puppy: Cowboy!