Kansas Beagle PUppies Begging to be Cuddled!!

Our little bunch of Beagle Babies from Abby Girl are getting SUPER friendly!  They are beginning to beg and place their paws up to be petted!  Little Casey boy is the Biggest Beggar.  He cannot seem to get enough lovings every day.  He keeps coming back for more!  All the puppies are starting to wag their tails now.  I just love being greeted with open paws and happy faces!  How can I resist such happy Beagle puppies!  I could spend all day hugging and loving these special creatures.  Mama Abby is very careful to make  sure she gets her daily love doses too!

Kansas Italian Greyhound gets a Microchip!!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppy, Mario, is going home tomorrow!  So he is giving me a last minute kiss and cuddle.  Such a sweet brave little boy!  My husband walked in and gave him his micro-chip with the big needle.   He did NOT let out one yelp or whine.  This is a good calm puppy!  Usually they all cry when they are given the chip.  Next our little boy, Zane, had to give him a goodbye cuddle.  Of course, he is sad that our puppy is leaving.  But, I did remind him of a new puppy that we are getting to keep.   Our son, Zane, is such a blessed little boy to be able to continually experience new puppies!    Dog Lovers run in our family, I am proud to say!!!    My husband Roy grew up with the experience of raising puppies, because his parents owned a puppy business.   Nothing like waking up each morning and getting to cuddle with Italian Greyhound puppies!

Kansas Italian Greyhounds Take a Trip to Town

Our little bunch of Italian Greyhound puppies from Peace had quite a field trip today.  This was their 1st car ride.  Thankfully, all of them had stout stomachs and not a single one got car sick.  They went to the post office, library and even the food pantry in town.   Their only disappointment was at the vet’s office.  There were 2 cats lounging around the vets office.  And they were not allowed to get down and romp and play with them!!!  This human mama is SOOOOO  mean.  Although I am quite sure the cats appreciated me keeping them out of trouble.   I can only imagine the circus they would have created had I let them down to play!!  Italian Greyhounds have an extreme fondness for ornery behavior!!

Beagles Enjoy Warm Tempertures in Kansas

The temperature hit 94 degrees at our farm today!  The Beagles are enjoying lazy days in the sunshine.  Finally warm tempertures have arrived!  Our puppies from Miss Abby are getting cuter every day!  They are starting to smell mamas dog food.  Won’t be long and they will be nibbling and snitching from mama’s food bowl.  You know Beagles,  it doesn’t take them long to sniff out a good food treat!

My little Boy, Zane,  got to spend part of his chore money on groceries for the food pantry in town.  He was so proud to pay the cashier at the register.  Even prouder to deliver his special sack of food to help those in need.   I am thankful to have such a generous kid.  It does my heart good.

More Italian Greyhounds have Arrived in Kansas!!!

Exciting surprises were waiting for me this morning!!  I love getting up and seeing new faces to greet!  Little Miss Shiloh, our Italian Greyhound, gave birth to 5 baby boys!!!  She is going to be a busy little mama!  Not a single girl.  Colors are beautiful:   2 white with Seal markings.  1 Blue Fawn, 1 Red or Sable,  and 1 Seal.  Gorgeous babies and all are eating well!  What a happy day!  Hopefully tomorrow,   I will find the time to take pictures of these darling new Italian Greyhound babies!  I can hardly wait for the world to see my new babies!!

Look at our New Italian Greyhound Babies in Kansas!!

Introducing our 2 new babies from Miss Peace.  This is Cinnemon:  Our Girl that looks to be Sable or Red Fawn.  The Boy is called Prince William and he is definitely Seal colored.  Our Mama Italian Greyhound and our babies are both doing really well.  Getting fat and plump little bellies.  Our Peace is tenderly doting on her babies.

Shiloh our other Mama to be is getting Bigger and Bigger.  I keep thinking this will be the day.  But, so far, no go.  I wonder if she will show me some surprises come morning.  I can hardly wait to see her new Italian Greyhound babies.

Cinnemon Girl:  Italian Greyhound

Cinnemon Girl: Italian Greyhound

Prince William:  Italian Greyhound

Prince William Boy:   Italian Greyhound


Kansas Beagle Puppies Walking now!!

Our Beagle babies from Abby are beginning to toddle around their little bedroom area.  Such sweet little babies.  Abby is very watchful and she makes sure they are kept safe.  I love their sweet little faces.    They don’t  know  what  to think of this BIG human who picks them up and talks to them!  ONLY 3 more babies left waiting to be reserved for new homes.  I know they won’t last long!  It just took a while for everyone on the waiting list to pick out their puppy.  Now we KNOW which ones are available.  If you are looking for unusual markings.  Check out Darla.  Darla has a darling little spot on her tail.

New Italian Greyhound Puppies in Kansas!

Our Italian Greyhound Peace gave birth to 2 puppies!! We are so happy for her!  She has ONE seal colored boy and 1 sable color girl.  They are both Round, plump and happy.  Peace is one of the sweetest dogs I know.  Sweet to the very core of her being.  Loves greeting me and getting luvvins.  Whoever gets one of her puppies is in for a real treat!  Nothing like getting a puppy from Peace.  If you want personality????  This is the litter to choose from!!!  Her Italian Greyhound personalities are the best.  Pictures will be posted tomorrow on these babies!

Beagle Babies are Opening Eyes to see Kansas!!

Our Beagle babies from Miss Abby are seeing a whole new world!  Their eyes are open now and they are soaking up the sights.  Today they had a visitor from the Italian Greyhound family.  One of my Iggy puppies jumped in their whelping box and decided to join their family.  Miss Abby and her babies seemed to tolerate this new member just fine!  Wonder if Beagle milk tastes better than Iggy milk?  New pictures will be coming tomorrow for all Beagle babies!

Kansas Italian Greyhound Switches Families!!

Our little bunch of Italian Greyhounds from Haven and Buzz Lightyear are growing up on me!  Little Miss Saphira is really getting into jumping.  She has been regularly scaling the 12 inch walls of her little bedroom and making the rounds in our big kennel building.   This is one FRIENDLY little Iggy!  Today she roamed the kennel and got in with our Beagle mama.  She jumped in the Beagle baby box and warmed right up to our beagle mama.  When I came to check on everybody she was smiling with the 2 week old beagle puppies!  This little Iggy gets around!!!  I have never had an Italian Greyhound  puppy trade families before and join a new bunch of puppies.  Miss Abby, our Beagle mama,  seemed very pleased with her new  puppy addition.  One crazy day in my doggie world!!!