Our Puppy Health Contract

BREED DOB______________________________________________________

NAME OF DAM _________________________________AKC#_____________

NAME OF SIRE _________________________________AKC#_____________

Description of Puppy – Color_______________ Sex____Number____________

Purchase price of puppy $_________Less Deposit-$200 = balance due on puppy $__________

NO Registration___________ Full Registration___________

Shipping is not included in the price of the puppy. Shipping is $400  in the US, this includes crate, Rabies vac if needed , health Certif, Gas to airport, phone calls , my time, ETC. (vaccination, health certificate, airline ticket, and courier to airport)

A deposit in the amount of $200 is required to hold the puppy of your choice until it is ready to either be picked up or shipped via the airlines. You can do your deposit in several ways. Pay pal, United States Postal Money Order.

Puppy Deposits are accepted in the order that they are received.

Puppies registration papers will not be released until all monies have been received and cleared the bank. It has been mutually agreed by both parties that the puppy will be held until 9 weeks old.

There are no refunds on deposits. This deposit signifies intent on the behalf of the purchaser to follow through with the purchase transaction of the puppy. The deposit and all monies paid will only be refunded in the unfortunate event that the puppy would die.

A puppy is defined here to be a male/female puppy, which is in good health at the time of sale, and embodies the characteristics of the breed standard for which it represents.

Health Guarantee

The BREEDER guarantees the above-described dog to be healthy at the time of the sale. The Breeder does not assume any liability for any injuries made to the puppy after delivery due to the negligence of the Buyer. The BUYER agrees to have this puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of the delivery.

If puppy is found to be in poor health within the 72 hours the seller must be notified within 24 hours to discuss options for a replacement puppy. If the BUYER chooses not to have the puppy examined within 72 hours this contract becomes null and void for any replacement of puppy due to illness for the first 30 days.

The BUYER must present to the breeder written verification from the veterinarian as to the findings upon the initial inspection. The BREEDER is not responsible for any stress related illnesses that may occur from shipping. The buyer will pay all veterinarian charges and expenses. Joyful Puppy Tails will not pay or be responsible for any veterinarian bills.

All puppies are guarenteed against life threatening hereditary or life threatening genetic defects until one year of age.  If a puppy develops a life threatening hereditary or life threatening genetic defect and it is documented by a licensed veterinarian and confirmed by one of our veterinarians  we will REPLACE  the puppy with another puppy of equal value.  NO REFUNDS.  The effected puppy must be returned with AKC Registration and documentation at the buyers expense.
Any legal filings by the buyer must be filed in Seneca, Nemaha County, Kansas Jurisdiction and the buyer will be responsible for for all legal expenses incurred by Joyful Puppy Tails Kennel in any case filed by the buyer,  that is ruled in the favor of Joyful Puppy Tails Kennels.

The BUYER agrees to maintain the puppy’s health in good condition, and provide yearly examinations, vaccinations, heartworm test, and any other customary procedures necessary to assure good health.

Joyful Puppy Tails – Lori Claycamp
If you have any question please email me with them.

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