Puppy Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a male or a female?
Answer:  Neutered males are not much different than females.  Actually buying a male is much easier because you can neuter a male as soon as both testicles are down.  Generally this happens between 10-12 weeks.   The surgery on males is very minor and the sooner you do it, the better.  Females are distinctly different!  Spaying a female is a major surgery and generally veternarians require them to wait until 6 Months of age.  So be prepared for the wait, If you  intend on buying a female.  Personally, I don’t like waiting, so I have always chosen males for my housepets. 

How much does it cost to ship a puppy?
Answer:  Shipping price  has to cover airline approved pet carrier, health certificate from vet, doggie shuttle ride to airport 100 miles from our farm, airline ticket, gas, and phone calls to shipping agent.  Generally the bigger, the airport, the better price we can offer.  Some cities are simply more expensive!  We ship from strictly Kansas City Airport.  We just lost our shuttle driver to the airport.  Consequently, now, we have to make nearly a 2 hour journey to the airport.  By, the time we get home,  1/2 of our day is gone!    So our prices reflect this.  Shipping to most  large cities is $400.

Do you ship overseas?
Answer:  No.  Strictly United States only.  If you want to purchase one overseas, you will have to purchase an airline ticket to Kansas City airport.  I will meet you there with puppy in hand.

Is it safe to ship a puppy?
Answer:  We have been shipping for nearly a year now.  Have never encountered any health issues.  Generally airlines take very good care of our puppies.

How big will my puppy get when grown?
Answer:  We do not guarantee size.  We make educated guesses based on the size of the parents.  Generally, we can have a good idea, by looking at the parents.  I always encourage people to look at the parents.

Can I breed or show my puppy?
Answer:  We sell our puppies with an AKC or APRI registration form.  You will have to fill it out and send it in.  Then  you will have the opportunity to breed or show your puppy and be recognized with these forms.  Some puppies are sold discounted in price and we do NOT provide forms  to register  these puppies.  You get strictly what you pay for here.   Discounted prices means no AKC OR APRI papers.

Do you sell Show Quality pups?
Answer:  We sell our puppies as pets.  It is possible that some of them could be shown later, but we certainly do not guarantee that.

Do you sell to pet shops or dog brokers?
Answer:  Absolutely not.  We like to know where the puppy is going and who will be caring for it.

How do I pay for my puppy?
Answer:  Deposit only, can be done on paypal.  $100.  It is nonrefundable, because it speaks that you intend to buy the puppy.  The balance is due, 10 days before shipping date.  It must be payed in Money Order from:  US post office or Walmart.  If picked up in person, cash is always accepted.

What days do you ship pups on?
Answer:  Strictly Wednesdays only.  Our doggie shuttle runs on Wednesday s.

How long does it take my puppy to arrive at my city?
Answer:  We ship on early morning flights.  Often, they will be at your place by noon or early afternoon.

How do I claim my puppy?
Answer:  Bring your driver’s license and airbill number to airport.  I will give you this number to identify pup.

How do I housetrain my puppy?
Answer:  We recommend crate training.  When you cannot supervise puppy, put him in the crate or a small bathroom.  One week of intensive training is very helpful.  Take several days off of work to achieve this result.    Pups do not like to dirty up their private bedroom.  Always watch your puppy when he is walking around, when you see him looking for a spot to eliminate, place him in your potty place.  Praise him for doing it in the right place.

How often should I give my puppy a potty break?
Answer:  Potty immediately upon waking, after eating, right before placing in crate, and immediately after letting puppy out of crate.  1 time in middle of night is helpful.

How do I teach my puppy where to eliminate?
Answer:  We give every person a soiled piece of newspaper that has puppy potty on it.  We ask that you place this on the appropriate potty place at your house.  The puppy will smell this and recognize that he is to eliminate in that area.  After pup eliminates, wipe privates with toilet paper.  Use the toilet paper to place on the area, the next potty run.  Do this 5 or 6 times and the puppy will soon catch on!

Will my puppy cry the 1st night and be homesick?
Yes, your puppy will miss playing with his siblings and likely mama too.  Stress must be managed correctly or your puppie’s life could be in danger.  Do not leave your puppy alone for the 1st couple of days.  It is terribly important that you be there to comfort him.   At night, I encourage you to let him sleep in your bed for a couple of nights to calm him.  At the very least, place his bed or crate in your room so that he understands you are available.

Should I let my puppy cry?
Answer:  A few minutes will not hurt him.  But hours upon hours can cause him to risk his life.  Puppies can quite literally cry themselves to death.  It is very important in the 1st few days, to be there in the same room with him.  Hugs and cuddles can make all the difference.

How often should I feed my puppy?
Answer:  2 or 3 times a day.  Do not leave food out continually.

What kind food should I feed him?
Answer:  We feed our dogs Royal Canin.   Gradually transfer him to your desired puppy brand.  Always buy the puppy grade, it has much needed protein.    Buy a quality brand, generally you get what you pay for.  Eukanuba, Royal Canin or The Select Diamond Brand are some that I would try.

Can I pick up the puppy at your farm?
Answer:  Of course.  Actually, we Prefer meeting you in person.  Just let us know when, and we can be at the house waiting on you.