I thought you might like to know that little Ebony is adjusting very well to her new home is already so spoiled! She is getting tons of love and we all bonded with her right away! She is so affectionate and playful! She has truly been a blessing for me!!! I did wind up calling her by a different name…I hope you aren’t offended. She gets so playful and hyper, and she is such a happy little gal…I wound up calling her “Piper”. I will send more pictures. I just couldn’t figure out how to attach them all to one email! Enjoy the pictures of her! Thanks, Jill 🙂

Little Ebony


My girlfriend and i where very lucky to come across a breeder like Lori. Its not every day that you meet someone as caring and loving towards their dogs as Lori is. Even when we took our baby girl to the vet after she arrived the veternarian examing her stated that she must have come from a really amazing breeder to be so healthy. although we were a little worried about buying a dog over the internet Lori worked with us every step of the way and made sure that we had no doubts in our mind. When our baby beagle arrived she was happy, healthy and loving. She is more playful and energitic then any dog we have had. Thank you to Lori and happy tailwags!!!!

I think I was fortunate to find such a caring breeder in Lori with Happy Tailwags! I bought my baby girl Italian Greyhound from her recently and she is just gorgeous, happy, full of life and full of love! That can only come from puppies that have had some personal TLC. Lori also was very willing to work with me when I needed to make arrangements to pick up my new baby. She truly cares about her puppies and her clients!